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This article is specifically created for those individuals who have absolutely no idea as to what fantasy football is all about. 


What is fantasy football? FF is a form of fantasy-branded entertainment where a group of individuals or owners choose a theoretical or make-believe team of players through a yearly draft or auction, whichever is preferred. The participants of fantasy football accumulate points each week based on the actual statistics of the actual NFL players. All the necessary league data, even roster management: free agent acquisitions, trades, standings, and even statistics are handled automatically on the website itself. The season is played for a total of thirteen weeks. Weekly matchups are usually head-to-head, just like actual NFL. Owners may edit their teams throughout the entire season by dropping or adding players in order to score the most points. At the end of the thirteen weeks, the teams with the best accumulated score qualify for a single elimination playoff which lasts three weeks. The champion is always the winner of the playoff tournament, which is the primary objective of the game. Each player chips in a varying amount of money into the prize pool at the start of the season. The top teams will split this money based on their playoff results.  Learn more about 2017 fantasy football team names, go here. 


How popular is fantasy football? You could say that it's VERY popular. About 35 million individuals play fantasy football each year. There are many league types, namely re-draft, dynasty, daily leagues, and keeper. Even with such a huge popularity, it still continues to grow and become an even more prominent part of the entirety of football spinoffs.  Find out for further details on fantasy football podcast right here. 


An important thing about fantasy football is the fantasy football draft. There are two main types of drafts:


1. Serpentine or snake style draft. In this type of fantasy football draft, the teams choose the player in their team in reverse of the previous season's results. They choose them starting from the team that finished last in the prior year. Each owner will take turn picking a player.


2. Auction style draft. This type of fantasy football draft gives each owner a specific fixed amount of fantasy dollars, which they can use to bid on players in building a roster. Just like an actual auction in estate sale, the players are nominated in no specific order, and they are obliged to bid on their player. 


It is without a doubt however the topic is more diverse and complicated, but this article on covers the basics of fantasy football.